The Drums of Tenkai-Bo

“Yin-Yang Code: The Drums of Tenkai-Bo combines the ancient disciplines of martial arts, philosophy and mysticism of Japan with modern day murder and a plot to uncover untold riches. It is a spellbinding read for aficionados of martial arts and the mysteries of Japan. View Book

Shadow of Tenkai-Bo

"Yin-Yang Code: The Shadow of the Tenkai-Bo captures all the action of ninja master Sho Kosugi in novel form. Code breaking, murder investigations and secret identities abound in this energetic and international tale by Warren Chaney and Sho Kosugi. Once you're on this fun rollercoaster of a ride,  you won't want to get off." --Naomi Hirahara, Edgar award-winning mystery author   View Book

I really enjoyed this nobel. Amazing!! I have done "Ohenro" visit and pray around of Kukai Temples of 88 in Shikoku, Japan long time ago. After reading this mysteriou story, I would like to visit again.

yosuke soga

This is the most breathtaking story by master of Ninja, Sho Kosugi. I am now living in the island “Shikoku” Japan where the story is developed. It is surprising to know his deep understanding about the historical background and blending that into modern adventure. Highly recommended for those curious about oriental mystery.

Ryoichi Umebayashi