Ninja mystery-detective noble by Ninja movie legend and martial artist Sho Kosugi and co-author scientist Warren Chaney. Kukai who is the grand master of Shingon style buddhism and well known as a calligrapher and engineer. The book will take you to the mystery adventure of Kukai's secret and daoism with martial arts actions.

Nobuo yagai

I really enjoyed this nobel. Amazing!! I have done "Ohenro" visit and pray around of Kukai Temples of 88 in Shikoku, Japan long time ago. After reading this mysteriou story, I would like to visit again.

yosuke soga

This is the most breathtaking story by master of Ninja, Sho Kosugi. I am now living in the island “Shikoku” Japan where the story is developed. It is surprising to know his deep understanding about the historical background and blending that into modern adventure. Highly recommended for those curious about oriental mystery.

Ryoichi Umebayashi

Based upon real Japanese historical figures, events, and locations, Ninja movie legend Sho Kosugi (Revenge of the Ninja, Pray For Death, Ninja Assassin) and co-author Warren Chaney have created a wonderfully gripping centuries-old mystery filled with mysticism, martial arts action, and edge of your seat thrills. "Yin Yang Code: The Drums of Tenkai-Bo" tells the story of a multi-cultural group of friends, all UCLA students, who, after having traveled to Japan as part of their history class and tragically losing their professor and one of their friends in a horrible car "accident", find an ancient document written by the legendary Japanese monk, scholar, and adventurer Kukai. If the friends can crack the code they may be able to find a lost treasure, if they stay alive long enough that is... At the heart of the story is the strained relationship between Daiki, a young Japanese student attending UCLA, and his mysterious grandfather Daichi, who had sent him to the US after the death of his parents. The various flashbacks and present day encounters between them were my favorite parts of the book. Described in a very cinematic style and illustrated with wonderful drawings, I felt at times as though I was watching a movie instead of reading a book, and it was very easy to imagine Mr. Kosugi playing the part of the wise and mysterious Daichi on screen, imparting his wisdom and martial arts knowledge and skills like only he can. Fans of Mr. Kosugi from the movies will also get a kick out of the not so slight knowing winks at the audience (reader) about ninjas and ninja movies, such as one character referring to another character by saying: "Any day now, I expect to see him leap out of a tree in a Ninja outfit. You know, like that actor...uh, what's his name, the one who did all the Ninja films?" I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and can't wait for the conclusion of the story in the second book, "Yin Yang Code: The Shadow of Tenkai-Bo".

Dan Richard

The Drums of Tenkai-Bo

“Yin-Yang Code: The Drums of Tenkai-Bo combines the ancient disciplines of martial arts, philosophy and mysticism of Japan with modern day murder and a plot to uncover untold riches. It is a spellbinding read for aficionados of martial arts and the mysteries of Japan. View Book

Shadow of Tenkai-Bo

"Yin-Yang Code: The Shadow of the Tenkai-Bo captures all the action of ninja master Sho Kosugi in novel form. Code breaking, murder investigations and secret identities abound in this energetic and international tale by Warren Chaney and Sho Kosugi. Once you're on this fun rollercoaster of a ride,  you won't want to get off." --Naomi Hirahara, Edgar award-winning mystery author   View Book

Picking up where YING-YANG CODE: THE DRUMS OF TENKAI-BO left off, this second part of legendary ninja movie superstar Sho Kosugi and co-author Warren Chaney's epic saga amps up the action, intensifies the drama, and dives full on into the mystical world of Japanese history, legends, and deadly warriors. Racing against time to rescue his beloved Jun who has been abducted by the evil Tenkai-Bo and his army of shugenja warriors, Daiki and his friends continue their quest to find the lost treasure of the legendary Japanese monk Kukai, by searching for pieces of a puzzle at the 88 temples of Shikoku. Like the first book, this one had me on the edge of my seat and I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. And like its predecessor, YING-YANG CODE: SHADOW OF TENKAI-BO is not only written in a very visually descriptive style but features wonderful illustrations by Shinobu Ohno and Mr. Chaney that beautifully bring to life the characters and events being described. All the way through I kept thinking this would also make an amazing graphic novel (comic book), or better yet an awesome movie. Loaded with exciting martial arts action, numerous mysteries, secret revelations, shocking betrayals, sadistic villains and courageous heroes, YING-YANG CODE: SHADOW OF TENKAI-BO has it all.

Dan Richard